The voluntary fire brigade of Nieder-Erlenbach

Dear fellow citizens of Nieder-Erlenbach,

Fire departments are established all over the world and they have a well established reputation. In Germany most of the fire fighters work voluntarily and off-hours.

We represent one of the 28 voluntary fire departments in the city of Frankfurt am Main in addition to the professional firefighters. As volunteers we are happy to work in this way for the public welfare.

Frankfurt is a multi-cultural city par excellence and we appreciate this fact not the least by the redesign of our fire station.

We would like to invite you to become an active member of our community. From active fire fighters at the age of 17 to 60, over youngster at the age from 10 to 17, to “fire kids” aged 6 to 10, you are all welcome. If you want to support us by other means – please, consider a passive membership.

We are looking forward to see you,

Your volunteer firefighters of Nieder-Erlenbach